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absence_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Absence-Type Table)
activity_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Activity-Type Table)
award_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Award Table)
award_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Award-Type Table)
cohort_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Cohort Table)
college_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g College Table)
concession_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Concession-Type Table)
correspondence_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Correspondence-Type Table)
course_exam_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Course-Exam Table)
course_exam_question_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Course-Exam-Question Table)
course_work_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Course-Work Table)
diet_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Diet-Type Table)
duty_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Duty-Type Table)
event_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Event-Type Table)
exam_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Exam-Type Table)
facet_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Facet-Type Table)
funding_source_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Funding-Source Table)
funding_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Funding-Type Table)
group_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Group-Type Table)
institute_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Institute Table)
interest_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Interest-Type Table)
loan_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Loan-Type Table)
milestone_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Milestone-Type Table)
position_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Position Table)
post_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Post-Type Table)
prize_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Prize Table)
prize_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Prize-Type Table)
programme_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Programme Table)
project_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Project-Type Table)
role_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Role-Type Table)
school_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g School Table)
scope_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Scope-Type Table)
session_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Session Table)
site_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Site Table)
staff_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Staff-Type Table)
support_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Support Table)
university_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g University Table)
upcoming_course_exam_feed_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Exam-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_exam_question_feed_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Exam-Question-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_work_feed_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Work-Feed Table)
upcoming_position_feed_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Upcoming-Position-Feed Table)
visitor_post_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Visitor-Post-Type Table)
visitor_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Visitor-Type Table)
work_type_3g.tag (see Tag in the 3g Work-Type Table)
task.target_date (see Target Date in the Task Table)
goal_task.task (see Task@ in the Goal-Task Table)
task.task (see Task@ in the Task Table)
task_person.task (see Task@ in the Task-Person Table)
task_task.task (see Task@ in the Task-Task Table)
space.teaching (see Teaching% in the Space Table)
duty_allocation_3g.teaching_notes (see Teaching Notes in the 3g Duty Allocation Table)
boxi_pgt_applicant_feed_3g.tele1 (see Telephone 1 in the 3g BOXI-PGT-Applicant-Feed Table)
pgt_person.tele1 (see Telephone1 in the PGT Person Table)
pgtdata.tele1 (see Telephone 1 in the PGT Data Table)
boxi_pgt_applicant_feed_3g.tele2 (see Telephone 2 in the 3g BOXI-PGT-Applicant-Feed Table)
pgt_person.tele2 (see Telephone2 in the PGT Person Table)
pgtdata.tele2 (see Telephone 2 in the PGT Data Table)
boxi_pgt_applicant_feed_3g.tele3 (see Telephone 3 in the 3g BOXI-PGT-Applicant-Feed Table)
pgt_person.tele3 (see Telephone3 in the PGT Person Table)
pgtdata.tele3 (see Telephone 3 in the PGT Data Table)
career.telephone (see Telephone# in the Career Table)
college_3g.telephone (see Telephone# in the 3g College Table)
department.telephone (see Telephone# in the Department Table)
division.telephone (see Telephone# in the Division Table)
faculty.telephone (see Telephone# in the Faculty Table)
home.telephone (see Telephone# in the Home Table)
institute.telephone (see Telephone# in the Institute Table)
institute_3g.telephone (see Telephone# in the 3g Institute Table)
resgroup.telephone (see Telephone# in the Group Table)
school_3g.telephone (see Telephone# in the 3g School Table)
support_3g.telephone (see Telephone# in the 3g Support Table)
university.telephone (see Telephone# in the University Table)
university_3g.telephone (see Telephone# in the 3g University Table)
class_group_attendance.term (see Term# in the Class-Group-Attendance Table)
class_group_event.term (see Term in the Class-Group-Event Table)
datemap.term (see Term# in the Date-Map Table)
module2.term (see Term# in the Module Table)
module_event.term (see Term in the Module-Event Table)
module_group_attendance.term (see Term# in the Module-Group-Attendance Table)
module_group_event.term (see Term in the Module-Group-Event Table)
year_group_attendance.term (see Term# in the Year-Group-Attendance Table)
year_group_event.term (see Term in the Year-Group-Event Table)
boxi_pgrs01_feed_3g.term_address1 (see Term Address1 in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental01-Feed Table)
boxi_pgrs01_feed_3g.term_address2 (see Term Address2 in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental01-Feed Table)
boxi_pgrs01_feed_3g.term_address3 (see Term Address3 in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental01-Feed Table)
boxi_pgrs01_feed_3g.term_address4 (see Term Address4 in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental01-Feed Table)
boxi_pgrs01_feed_3g.term_address5 (see Term Address5 in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental01-Feed Table)
staff.term_date (see Termination Date in the Staff Table)
boxi_pgrs01_feed_3g.term_mobile (see Term Mobile# in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental01-Feed Table)
class_group_event.term_num (see Term# in the Class-Group-Event Table)
module_event.term_num (see Term# in the Module-Event Table)
module_group_event.term_num (see Term# in the Module-Group-Event Table)
year_group_event.term_num (see Term# in the Year-Group-Event Table)
boxi_pgrs01_feed_3g.term_phone (see Term Phone# in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental01-Feed Table)
boxi_pgrs01_feed_3g.term_postcode (see Term Postcode in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental01-Feed Table)
staff.term_reason (see Termination Reason in the Staff Table)
staff_post_3g.term_reason (see Termination Reason in the 3g Staff-Post Table)
datemap.term_week (see Term Week# in the Date-Map Table)
applicant_correspondence_type_3g.text (see Text in the 3g Applicant-Correspondence-Type Table)
event_text.text (see Text in the Event Text Table)
applicant.theme (see Theme in the Applicant Table)
student.theme (see Theme in the Student Table)
student_3g.theme (see Theme in the 3g Student Table)
boxi_pgrs01_feed_3g.thesis_submission_date (see Thesis Submission Date in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental01-Feed Table)
course_duty_concession_3g.ticket (see Ticket# in the 3g Course-Duty-Concession Table)
course_project_student_role_3g.ticket (see Ticket# in the 3g Course-Project-Student-Role Table)
course_role_3g.ticket (see Ticket# in the 3g Course-Role Table)
course_student_concession_3g.ticket (see Ticket# in the 3g Course-Student-Concession Table)
institute_role_3g.ticket (see Ticket# in the 3g Institute-Role Table)
programme_role_3g.ticket (see Ticket# in the 3g Programme-Role Table)
sftwr_requirement.ticket (see Ticket in the Software-Requirement Table)
sftwr_requirement_3g.ticket (see Ticket in the 3g Software-Requirement Table)
student_concession_3g.ticket (see Ticket# in the 3g Student-Concession Table)
student_role_3g.ticket (see Ticket# in the 3g Student-Role Table)
support_role_3g.ticket (see Ticket# in the 3g Support-Role Table)
year_student_circumstance_3g.ticket (see Ticket# in the 3g Year-Student-Circumstance Table)
course_project_student_milestone_3g.time (see Time in the 3g Course-Project-Student-Milestone Table)
course_work_event_3g.time (see Time in the 3g Course-Work-Event Table)
course_work_student_milestone_3g.time (see Time in the 3g Course-Work-Student-Milestone Table)
staff.time (see Hrs/Wk in the Staff Table)
upcoming_course_work_event_feed_3g.time (see Time in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Work-Event-Feed Table)
pavd_ie.time1to1 (see Time1to1 in the PAVD iE Table)
boxi_ppipmi_feed_3g.time_code (see Time Code in the 3g PPIPMI-Feed Table)
admis_applicant_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g ADMIS-Applicant-Feed Table)
admis_applicant_programme_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g ADMIS-Applicant-Programme-Feed Table)
admis_institute_role_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g ADMIS-Institute-Role-Feed Table)
boxi_htbn_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g PPIP-HTBN-Feed Table)
boxi_pgrs01_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental01-Feed Table)
boxi_pgrs03_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g ADMIS-PGR-Supplemental03-Feed Table)
boxi_pgt_applicant_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g BOXI-PGT-Applicant-Feed Table)
boxi_ug_applicant_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g BOXI-UG-Applicant-Feed Table)
career.title (see Job Title in the Career Table)
class.title (see Title in the Class Table)
class_exam.title (see Title in the Class-Exam Table)
class_group.title (see Title in the Class-Group Table)
class_group_event.title (see Title in the Class-Group-Event Table)
class_project.title (see Title in the Class-Project Table)
class_project_mark.title (see Title in the Class-Project-Mark Table)
class_work.title (see Title in the Class-Work Table)
class_work_part.title (see Title in the Class-Work-Part Table)
course_event_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Course-Event Table)
course_exam_event_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Course-Exam-Event Table)
course_group_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Course-Group Table)
course_group_event_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Course-Group-Event Table)
course_project_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Course-Project Table)
course_project_mark_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Course-Project-Mark Table)
course_work_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Course-Work Table)
course_work_part_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Course-Work-Part Table)
degree.title (see Title in the Degree Table)
document.title (see Title in the Document Table)
document_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Document Table)
essmu_student_exam_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g ESSMU-Student-Exam-Feed Table)
htbn_detail_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g HTBN-Detail-Feed Table)
module2.title (see Title in the Module Table)
module_event.title (see Title in the Module-Event Table)
module_exam.title (see Title in the Module-Exam Table)
module_group.title (see Title in the Module-Group Table)
module_group_event.title (see Title in the Module-Group-Event Table)
module_project.title (see Title in the Module-Project Table)
module_project_mark.title (see Title in the Module-Project-Mark Table)
module_work.title (see Title in the Module-Work Table)
module_work_part.title (see Title in the Module-Work-Part Table)
passwd_person.title (see Title in the Password-Person Table)
pavd_person.title (see Title in the PAVD Person Table)
pavddata.title (see Title in the PAVD Data Table)
person.title (see Title in the Person Table)
pgt_person.title (see Title in the PGT Person Table)
pgtdata.title (see Title in the PGT Data Table)
programme_award_type_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Programme-Award-Type Table)
programme_event_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Programme-Event Table)
publication.title (see Book or Journal Title in the Publication Table)
publication_3g.title (see Book or Journal Title in the 3g Publication Table)
resgrant.title (see Title in the Grant Table)
specialism.title (see Title in the Specialism Table)
staff2g_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Staff 2g Table)
student_exam_3g.title (see > Title in the 3g Student-Exam Table)
student_project.title (see Title in the Student-Project Table)
support_event_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Support-Event Table)
teaching_software.title (see Title in the Teaching Software Table)
teaching_software_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Teaching Software Table)
upcoming_course_project_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Project-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_work_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Work-Feed Table)
upcoming_year_feed_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Upcoming-Year-Feed Table)
vue_person_igo.title (see Title in the IGO-Person Table)
vue_person_pub.title (see Title in the Public-Person Table)
wisard_course.title (see Title in the Wisard-Course Table)
year.title (see Title in the Year Table)
year_3g.title (see Title in the 3g Year Table)
year_group.title (see Title in the Year-Group Table)
year_group_event.title (see Title in the Year-Group-Event Table)
boxi_ppipmi_feed_3g.title_code (see Title in the 3g PPIPMI-Feed Table)
applicant.topic (see Topic in the Applicant Table)
misdata.tr (see Study Code in the MIS-Data Table)
applicant.transcripts (see Transcripts in the Applicant Table)
event_type_3g.transient (see Transient? in the 3g Event-Type Table)
group_type_3g.transient (see Transient? in the 3g Group-Type Table)
resgrant.travel (see Travel% in the Grant Table)
student_travel_claim_3g.travel (see Travel@ in the 3g Student-Travel-Claim Table)
webmark_bid_feed_3g.tutorprefa (see Tutor Preference A in the 3g WEBMARK-Bid-Feed Table)
webmark_bid_feed_3g.tutorprefb (see Tutor Preference B in the 3g WEBMARK-Bid-Feed Table)
webmark_bid_feed_3g.tutorprefc (see Tutor Preference C in the 3g WEBMARK-Bid-Feed Table)
webmark_bid_feed_3g.tutorprefd (see Tutor Preference D in the 3g WEBMARK-Bid-Feed Table)
absence_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Absence-Type Table)
activity_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Activity-Type Table)
address_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Address Table)
admis_contact_feed_3g.type (see Address Type in the 3g ADMIS-Contact-Feed Table)
applicant_correspondence_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Applicant-Correspondence Table)
applicant_correspondence_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Applicant-Correspondence-Type Table)
applicant_interest_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Applicant-Interest Table)
award_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Award-Type Table)
cards.type (see Type in the Cards Table)
career.type (see Type in the Career Table)
class_duty.type (see Type in the Class-Duty Table)
class_group.type (see Type in the Class-Group Table)
class_group_attendance.type (see Type in the Class-Group-Attendance Table)
class_group_duty.type (see Type in the Class-Group-Duty Table)
class_project_duty.type (see Type in the Class-Project-Duty Table)
class_work.type (see Type in the Class-Work Table)
committee.type (see Committee in the Committee Table)
concession_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Concession-Type Table)
contact_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Contact Table)
contrib.type (see Type in the Contributor Table)
contrib_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Contributor Table)
correspondence_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Correspondence-Type Table)
cost.type (see Type in the Cost Table)
course_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Course Table)
course_diet_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Diet-Type Table)
course_duty_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Duty Table)
course_duty_allocation_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Duty-Allocation Table)
course_duty_concession_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Duty-Concession Table)
course_duty_concession_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Duty-Concession-Type Table)
course_duty_dossier_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Duty-Dossier Table)
course_duty_enrolment_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course Duty Enrolment Table)
course_duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Duty-Type Table)
course_enrolment_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Course Enrolment Table)
course_event_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Event Table)
course_event_attendee_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Event-Attendee Table)
course_event_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Event-Type Table)
course_exam_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Exam Table)
course_exam_diet_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Exam-Diet-Type Table)
course_exam_event_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Exam-Event Table)
course_exam_event_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Exam-Event-Type Table)
course_exam_mark_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Exam-Mark Table)
course_exam_question_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Exam-Question Table)
course_exam_question_mark_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Exam-Question-Mark Table)
course_exam_question_score_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Exam-Question-Score Table)
course_exam_score_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Exam-Score Table)
course_exam_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Exam-Type Table)
course_group_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Group Table)
course_group_duty_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Group-Duty Table)
course_group_duty_load_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Group-Duty-Load Table)
course_group_duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Group-Duty-Type Table)
course_group_event_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Group-Event Table)
course_group_event_attendee_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Group-Event-Attendee Table)
course_group_event_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Group-Event-Type Table)
course_group_occurence_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Group-Occurence Table)
course_group_score_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Group-Score Table)
course_group_student_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Group-Student Table)
course_group_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Group-Type Table)
course_join_mark_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Join-Mark Table)
course_join_score_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Join-Score Table)
course_pass_criterion_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Pass-Criterion Table)
course_project_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Project Table)
course_project_duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Project-Duty-Type Table)
course_project_facet_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Project-Facet-Type Table)
course_project_mark_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Project-Mark Table)
course_project_mark_facet_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Project-Mark-Facet Table)
course_project_student_milestone_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Project-Student-Milestone Table)
course_project_student_milestone_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Project-Student-Milestone-Type Table)
course_project_student_role_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Project-Student-Role Table)
course_project_student_role_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Project-Student-Role-Type Table)
course_project_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Project-Type Table)
course_role_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Role Table)
course_role_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Role-Type Table)
course_student_concession_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Student-Concession Table)
course_student_concession_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Student-Concession-Type Table)
course_student_duty_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Student-Duty Table)
course_student_duty_load_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Student-Duty-Load Table)
course_student_duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Student-Duty-Type Table)
course_student_loan_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Student-Loan Table)
course_student_loan_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Student-Loan-Type Table)
course_work_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work Table)
course_work_event_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work-Event Table)
course_work_event_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work-Event-Type Table)
course_work_group_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work-Group Table)
course_work_mark_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work-Mark Table)
course_work_part_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work-Part Table)
course_work_part_mark_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work-Part-Mark Table)
course_work_score_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work-Score Table)
course_work_student_milestone_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work-Student-Milestone Table)
course_work_student_milestone_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work-Student-Milestone-Type Table)
course_work_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work-Type Table)
course_work_variant_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Course-Work-Variant Table)
degree_duty.type (see Type in the Degree-Duty Table)
diet_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Diet-Type Table)
document.type (see Type in the Document Table)
document_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Document Table)
duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Duty-Type Table)
email_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Email Table)
enrol_course_duty_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Enrol-Course-Duty-Feed Table)
enrol_course_group_student_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Enrol-Course-Group-Student-Feed Table)
essmu_student_feed_3g.type (see Type in the 3g ESSMU-Student-Feed Table)
event_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Event-Type Table)
exam_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Exam-Type Table)
facet_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Facet-Type Table)
funding_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Funding-Type Table)
grade_return_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Grade Return Table)
group_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Group-Type Table)
home.type (see Type in the Home Table)
institute.type (see Type in the Institute Table)
institute_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Institute Table)
institute_duty_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Institute-Duty Table)
institute_duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Institute-Duty-Type Table)
institute_event_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Institute-Event Table)
institute_event_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Institute-Event-Type Table)
institute_role_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Institute-Role Table)
institute_role_duty_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Institute-Role-Duty Table)
institute_role_duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Institute-Role-Duty-Type Table)
institute_role_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Institute-Role-Type Table)
interest_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Interest Table)
interest_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Interest-Type Table)
item.type (see Type@ in the Item Table)
item_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Item Table)
loan_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Loan-Type Table)
milestone_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Milestone-Type Table)
module_duty.type (see Type in the Module-Duty Table)
module_event.type (see Type in the Module-Event Table)
module_group.type (see Type in the Module-Group Table)
module_group_attendance.type (see Type in the Module-Group-Attendance Table)
module_group_duty.type (see Type in the Module-Group-Duty Table)
module_work.type (see Type in the Module-Work Table)
post_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Post-Type Table)
programme_award_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Programme-Award Table)
programme_award_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Programme-Award-Type Table)
programme_duty_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Programme-Duty Table)
programme_duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Programme-Duty-Type Table)
programme_event_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Programme-Event Table)
programme_event_attendee_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Programme-Event-Attendee Table)
programme_event_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Programme-Event-Type Table)
programme_role_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Programme-Role Table)
programme_role_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Programme-Role-Type Table)
project_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Project-Type Table)
role_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Role-Type Table)
school_event_3g.type (see Type in the 3g School-Event Table)
school_event_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g School-Event-Type Table)
scope_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Scope-Type Table)
session_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Session Table)
session_calendar_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Session-Calendar Table)
space.type (see Type in the Space Table)
space_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Space Table)
spawn_course_diet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Diet-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_exam_diet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Exam-Diet-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_exam_mark_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Exam-Mark-Feed Table)
spawn_course_exam_question_mark_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Exam-Question-Mark-Feed Table)
spawn_course_exam_question_score_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Exam-Question-Score-Feed Table)
spawn_course_exam_score_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Exam-Score-Feed Table)
spawn_course_exam_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Exam-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_group_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Group-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_group_event_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Group-Event-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_group_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Group-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_project_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Project-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_project_facet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Project-Facet-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_project_mark_facet_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Project-Mark-Facet-Feed Table)
spawn_course_project_mark_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Project-Mark-Feed Table)
spawn_course_project_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Project-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_role_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Role-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_work_event_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Work-Event-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_course_work_mark_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Work-Mark-Feed Table)
spawn_course_work_score_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Work-Score-Feed Table)
spawn_course_work_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Course-Work-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_diet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Diet-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_exam_diet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Exam-Diet-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_exam_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Exam-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_group_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Group-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_group_event_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Group-Event-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_group_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Group-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_project_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Project-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_project_facet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Project-Facet-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_project_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Project-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_role_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Role-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_work_event_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Work-Event-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_course_work_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Course-Work-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_new_year_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-New-Year-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_diet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Diet-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_exam_diet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Exam-Diet-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_exam_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Exam-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_group_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Group-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_group_event_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Group-Event-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_group_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Group-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_project_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Project-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_project_facet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Project-Facet-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_project_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Project-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_role_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Role-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_work_event_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Work-Event-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_course_work_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Course-Work-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_now_year_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Now-Year-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_programme_award_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Programme-Award-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_student_concession_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Student-Concession-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_student_milestone_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Student-Milestone-Feed Table)
spawn_student_milestone_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Student-Milestone-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_student_role_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Student-Role-Type-Feed Table)
spawn_year_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Spawn-Year-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
specialism_duty.type (see Type in the Specialism-Duty Table)
staff.type (see Type in the Staff Table)
staff_absence_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Staff-Absence Table)
staff_absence_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Staff-Absence-Type Table)
staff_duty.type (see Type in the Staff Duty Table)
staff_post_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Staff-Post Table)
staff_post_role_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Staff-Post-Role Table)
staff_post_role_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Staff-Post-Role-Type Table)
staff_post_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Staff-Post-Type Table)
staff_role_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Staff-Role Table)
staff_role_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Staff-Role-Type Table)
staff_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Staff-Type Table)
student_adjustment_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Student-Adjustment Table)
student_concession_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Concession Table)
student_concession_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Concession-Type Table)
student_development_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Student-Development Table)
student_duty.type (see Type in the Student-Duty Table)
student_duty_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Duty Table)
student_duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Duty-Type Table)
student_event_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Event Table)
student_event_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Event-Type Table)
student_exam_role_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Exam-Role Table)
student_exam_role_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Exam-Role-Type Table)
student_funding_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Student-Funding Table)
student_funding_balance_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Funding-Balance Table)
student_funding_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Funding-Type Table)
student_loan_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Loan Table)
student_loan_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Loan-Type Table)
student_milestone_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Milestone Table)
student_milestone_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Milestone-Type Table)
student_role_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Role Table)
student_role_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Student-Role-Type Table)
support_activity_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Activity Table)
support_activity_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Activity-Type Table)
support_duty_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Duty Table)
support_duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Duty-Type Table)
support_event_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Event Table)
support_event_activity_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Event-Activity Table)
support_event_activity_attendee_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Event-Activity-Attendee Table)
support_event_activity_load_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Event-Activity-Load Table)
support_event_activity_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Event-Activity-Type Table)
support_event_attendee_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Event-Attendee Table)
support_event_attendee_activity_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Event-Attendee-Activity Table)
support_event_attendee_activity_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Event-Attendee-Activity-Type Table)
support_event_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Event-Type Table)
support_role_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Role Table)
support_role_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Support-Role-Type Table)
system.type (see Type in the System Table)
system_3g.type (see Type in the 3g System Table)
type.type (see Type@ in the Type Table)
type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Type Table)
upcoming_course_diet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Diet-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_duty_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Duty-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_exam_diet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Exam-Diet-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_exam_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Exam-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_exam_question_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Exam-Question-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_exam_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Exam-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_feed_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Upcoming Course Feed Table)
upcoming_course_group_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Group-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_group_event_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Group-Event-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_group_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Group-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_project_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Project-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_project_facet_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Project-Facet-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_project_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Project-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_project_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Project-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_role_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Role-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_work_event_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Work-Event-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_work_event_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Work-Event-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_work_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Work-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_work_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Work-Type-Feed Table)
upcoming_course_work_variant_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Course-Work-Variant-Feed Table)
upcoming_grade_return_feed_3g.type (see Type in the 3g Upcoming-Grade-Return-Feed Table)
upcoming_year_duty_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Year-Duty-Feed Table)
upcoming_year_duty_type_feed_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Upcoming-Year-Duty-Type-Feed Table)
visitor_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Visitor Table)
visitor_post_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Visitor-Post-Type Table)
visitor_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Visitor-Type Table)
work_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Work-Type Table)
year_duty.type (see Type in the Year-Duty Table)
year_duty_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Year-Duty Table)
year_duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Year-Duty-Type Table)
year_group.type (see Type in the Year-Group Table)
year_group_attendance.type (see Type in the Year-Group-Attendance Table)
year_group_duty.type (see Type in the Year-Group-Duty Table)
year_student_duty_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Year-Student-Duty Table)
year_student_duty_type_3g.type (see Type@ in the 3g Year-Student-Duty-Type Table)
boxi_pgrs02_feed_3g.type_code (see Type Code in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental02-Feed Table)
essmu_external_supervisor_feed_3g.type_code (see Type Code in the 3g ESSMU-External-Supervisor-Feed Table)
essmu_supervisor_feed_3g.type_code (see Type Code in the 3g ESSMU-Supervisor-Feed Table)
boxi_pgrs02_feed_3g.type_description (see Type Description in the 3g ESSMU-PGR-Supplemental02-Feed Table)
essmu_external_supervisor_feed_3g.type_description (see Type Description in the 3g ESSMU-External-Supervisor-Feed Table)
essmu_supervisor_feed_3g.type_description (see Type Description in the 3g ESSMU-Supervisor-Feed Table)
class_duty.type_oth (see Type (if Other) in the Class-Duty Table)
class_project_duty.type_oth (see Type (if Other) in the Class-Project-Duty Table)
class_work.type_oth (see Type (if Other) in the Class-Work Table)
committee.type_oth (see Committee (if Other) in the Committee Table)
degree_duty.type_oth (see Type (if Other) in the Degree-Duty Table)
module_duty.type_oth (see Type (if Other) in the Module-Duty Table)
module_event.type_oth (see Type (if Other) in the Module-Event Table)
module_work.type_oth (see Type (if Other) in the Module-Work Table)
staff_duty.type_oth (see Type (if Other) in the Staff Duty Table)
student_development_3g.type_oth (see Type (if Other) in the 3g Student-Development Table)
student_duty.type_oth (see Type (if Other) in the Student-Duty Table)
year_duty.type_oth (see Type (if Other) in the Year-Duty Table)

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