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Table: 3g ESSMU-Supervisor-Feed  E3G#ESS_SUP 
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Contains EUCLID Schools Student Management Universe data from BOXI for Student Supervisor details. Used to sync against local Student-Role records. Correlation of BOXI feed against base EUGEX feed.


The following box shows the 9 fields in this table.

Name Content Length Empty?
End Date Abstract/Date 12 YES
Percentage Numeric/Fixed 2 YES
Programme Code Character/Fixed 12 YES
Start Date Abstract/Date 12 YES
Supervisor Code Character/Fixed 12 YES
Supervisor Name Character/Fixed 30 YES
Type Code Character/Fixed 6 YES
Type Description Character/Fixed 20 YES
UUN Character/Fixed 8 YES


The following list shows the cluster containing this table.


There are no primary keys defined in this table.

There are no foreign keys posted into this table.


There are no forward links from this table.

There are no reverse links from this table.


CREATE TABLE essmu_supervisor_feed_3g (
uun CHAR(8),
prog_of_study_code CHAR(12),
supervisor_code CHAR(12),
supervisor_name CHAR(30),
start_date DATE,
end_date DATE,
percentage INTEGER2,
type_code CHAR(6),
type_description CHAR(20)

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