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The Dice Project

Operational Meeting

10:00 Wednesday 28th June 2006
Room 2511, JCMB


  1. Apologies
  2. Remit of the Operational Meeting
  3. Access by User Support Unit staff to AFS directories.
  4. The initdots framework under FC5 - will it exist or is it being dropped?
  5. Missing and erroneous documentation - new bugzilla Product for recording and tracking such instances.
  6. Publication and announcement of unit meeting minutes.
  7. Laptops running FC3 - Logins when disconnected from the network.
  8. Sub-contracting tasks to the User Support Unit from the other units.
  9. Old RT queues - moving new and open tickets to corresponding unit queues.
  10. Additional file space requirement for MSc project period.
  11. Old bugzilla Products and Components - what changes should be made in view of the new management strcuture?
  12. Vacation - .vacation.cache file failing to be zeroed/overwritten
  13. Problems with samba service?
  14. AOCB

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