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Operational Meeting Infrastructure Unit Report - 14th July 2010

  1. Forum power-down

    No news yet on the date for this work.

  2. Switch firmware

    As trailed at the last Operational Meeting, all Forum edge switches have now been flashed with the latest firmware. We intend to let the Forum power-down (whenever that happens ...) take care of the necessary reboots.

    One of the Forum core switches (core2, a 5412zl) running the latest K.14.60 firmware crashed a couple of weeks ago. We've filed a report with HP, and await comment from them.

  3. Forum fibre-channel usage

    Thanks to those who traced connections in order to document the current usage of fibre channel; https://wiki.inf.ed.ac.uk/DICE/ForumFCSwitchPopulation summarises the current situation.

    The only obvious anomalies are that:

    1. metropolitan currently has both of its fibre ports connected to the same fabric, fc1*. This isn't optimal: for best multipathing redundancy, one port should be connected to fc0*, and the other to fc1*. Can the owners of metropolitan rearrange this sometime please?
    2. bpbeast currently has only one of its two fibre ports connected to any switch. Is this the intention?

    In the Forum, we currently we have 8 free ports on the fc0* fabric, and 5 free ports on the fc1* fabric. When one of metropolitan's two connections is moved from fc1* to fc0* these numbers will change to 7 and 6 respectively. This is the best we can do, given that machines fitted with single fibre ports only (namely: kingsmen, stumer, hawthorn and stockholm) are currently evenly arranged amongst the two fabrics (probably, just by good fortune).

    Some questions arising are:

    1. Are all machines currently connected to the Forum fibre switches required and in service? Or could some of the fibre connections listed in the above web page be surrendered?
    2. Can/should any of the machines listed above be moved to the AT server room? (Both fibre fabrics are available in AT, and currently no use is being made of the fibre switches there.)
    3. How many new fibre connections in the Forum will be required as a consequence of planned future purchases of both servers and disk arrays?

    Can everybody using fibre connections please consider these questions so that we can try to make definite plans for future use.

  4. Prometheus deployment

    The first stage of Prometheus deployment is scheduled for week beginning July 19th. More details in notes from 13/7 meeting with US unit.

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