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(Inf logo) Operational Meeting Infrastructure Unit Report -- 14th December November 2011

  1. JCMB server room

    Not much progress on the grime since last time. Alan Reid had asked E&B about cleaning; it appears that E&B may be prepared to pay, so Alan is looking around for specialist contractors to advise.

    Meanwhile, if you're out there, please keep an eye on how things are looking and report back. Thanks.

  2. Forum server room

    We've recently had some work done on the CCUs in order to implement manual speed control of the fans: you can see the new controllers on the side of the CCUs. Unfortunately, some of this work has since had to be redone, but that's all now finished. We expect the whole setup to be commissioned and operational fairly soon.

  3. Making Informatics services available to guest wireless users

    As reported at the previous Operational Meeting, we asked IS to implement an opt-in covering all TCP and UDP ports, for all of our server subnets, and they have now done this - see https://vpnreg.ucs.ed.ac.uk/access/wservers.html for the results.

    The summary is that 'guest' wireless users now have the same access to all of our services as do any users on the wider Internet: access rights and restrictions to those services are controlled solely by us (either via our firewall, or via service ACLs.)

    (Extra comment: this issue has almost been overtaken by events in any case. It looks as though from earlyish next year the University firewall will no longer restrict access to University services for guest wireless users. An official announcement from IS about this is expected soon.)

  4. Apparent DNS problems with SL6 "small" installs

    There's a new version of the lcfg-dns component in <develop> (only for now) which has the ability to pre-transfer those zones whose tags are in the preloadZones resource. For testing purposes, this is set to "inf". Please let us know if this makes any difference.

  5. Compromised Machine Investigation

    Comments are still invited on the draft Compromised Machine Investigation document.

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