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Operational Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 10th July 2013 in IF-4.31

Ross Armstrong, Toby Blake, Neil Brown, Chris Cooke, Alison Downie, Ian Durkacz, Graham Dutton, Jennifer Oxley, Iain Rae, Gordon Reid, George Ross (convener and minutes)
  1. Minutes of the last meeting

    These were accepted.

  2. Actions

    Actions discussed:

    Actions added:

    Actions completed:

    Blog articles suggested:

    Blog articles completed:

  3. Report from Computing Executive Group

  4. Reports from units

  5. Topics for discussion

    e-expenses registration issue: Graham asked if anything had happened as a result of our query. Iain had emailed, but hadn't heard anything back. He'll prod (and as a side effect this'll go on our action-list for tracking).

    Self-managed machines with firewall holes

  6. Items for the Computing Systems blog
  7. AOCB

  8. Next meeting

    Wednesday 24th July at 10:00 in IF-4.31

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