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(Inf logo) Operational Meeting Infrastructure Unit Report -- 13th November 2013

  1. Forum power outage
  2. Switch firmware upgrades

    We could do with another round of reboots for switch firmware upgrades. Pending include:

    HP have tracked down our multicast-router-discovery bug (RT#62354) and there'll be a fix for it in the next release of the 2610 firmware. Meantime we have a pre-release version for testing, which we'll try out on some likely switches and then roll out if it seems to work.

  3. AT power work

    There is apparently power work proposed for AT. Alan Reid writes: "Due to essential cabling works associated with the redevelopment of 50 George Square, which requires a connection to the AT essential services board, a complete power shutdown of Appleton Tower is required.

    "This will affect the power to the server rooms, however the generator will provide power for the duration of the works.

    "The generator will be tested fully beforehand but the switchover mechanism can't be tested until the power is switched off so if it fails to switch over for any reason, the work will be abandoned and rearranged for a later date (but not much later!)

    "The risk to services can be considered low but there is of course a risk.

    "This work must be done as soon as possible, therefore the proposed date and time is - Saturday 23rd November, 08.00-12.00.

    "Please let me know by 16.00 on Friday 15th (I'm away Wed & Thur) if there are any objections to this.

    "Apologies for the short notice but this has just been flagged to us."

  4. EdLAN
  5. .11a in the Forum

    Mahesh's group have asked for .11a to be turned off for the Forum upper floors again. (RT#63035)


    Following on from last time...

  7. "ping7"

    We're now hosting a "ping7" machine in the Forum server room for IS (RT#64424). Status pages can be found here and here.

  8. Cosign servers

    The new cosign server mcintyre is now in operation. berlin will be retired this week - probably early on Thursday morning.

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