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Operational Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 22nd October 2014 in IF-4.31

Toby Blake, Lindsey Brown, Neil Brown, Roger Burroughes, Chris Cooke, Alison Downie (convener and minutes), Ian Durkacz, Graham Dutton, Stephen Quinney, Iain Rae, Gordon Reid, George Ross, Alastair Scobie, Craig Strachan
  1. Minutes of the last meeting

    These were accepted.

  2. Actions and blog articles

    Actions discussed:

    Deferred actions:

    Actions added:

    Actions completed:

    Blog articles suggested:

    Blog articles completed:

  3. Report from Computing Executive Group

  4. Reports from units

  5. Topics for discussion

    1. Where next for the service catalogue

      As a start, MPU will compile notes/guide on dumpdeps. Infrastructure will document their method of extracting firewall hole information. Ultimately, we will compile a 'cookbook', published as a wiki page, where everyone can contribute their recipes for extracting service information.

    2. sudo access

      Rather than grant non-Informatics COs sudo access to specific machines (for read only purposes), it was agreed that the better solution is to provide a snapshot of the file system that they can look through at their leisure (minus passwd file and host key).

    3. group automounter map

      This is still heavily used - 65 entries, some of which are samba. It was agreed that this should fall under the Services Unit SL7 work and we won't be able to deprecate this before SL7.

  6. Items for the Computing Systems blog
  7. AOCB

  8. Next meeting

    The next meeting will be on 12th November 2014 at 10:00, in IF-4.31

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