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Operational Meeting Services Unit Report - 8th April 2015

  1. Disk failure news

    the reported disk failure in kbevo3 from last meeting, has been replaced.

  2. Mailman problems on the 30th

    The disk containing all the mailman data filled up, and caused some issues. We've now added that disk to the "diskfull" check.

    Most of the space on that disk is used keeping the mailman archive messages (now 60GB out of 80GB, was 70GB). We've made some space by contacting some of the biggest users (typically our various Units) and removing the web archives of messages from before 2014. We now have several GBs free.

    It does raise the thorny issue of how long we can/should keep list archives. The ISS have a specific request to trim the archive of their lists to no more than 2 years history, which we do at the beginning of the new session.

Unit meets are linked from the ServicesUnitMeetings wiki page. We have been meeting, but we've not been so good at getting the minutes/notes published recently.

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