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Operational Meeting Services Unit Report - 10th June 2015

  1. HTTPS Everywhere

    My hugely complicated fix to the HTTPS Everywhere rules for ed.ac.uk have been accepted. So hopefully they'll make it out in the next release.

  2. Root Mail

    Between 1 June and 17 June - some overall stats, and some standout individuals.

    Having said that, it's not bad, but if things can be quietened then that would be good.

  3. New SAN space

    We've decided where we're going to install our new JBODs, one at KB, one in the Forum (hardly surprising). We'll replace one of the 1TB JBODs at KB with the new 4TB one, so we can take it off maintenance.

    We'll also be starting the replacement of two of the AT AFS fileservers soon. This will give us an extra 9TB of local RAID10 storage for home directories.

Unit meets are linked from the ServicesUnitMeetings wiki page. We have been meeting, but we've not been so good at getting the minutes/notes published recently.

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