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Operational Meeting CEG Report - 24th February 2016

  1. Security Week Day2

    CEG proposes that the next stage is for the groups to re-convene (not necessarily on the same day) for a half day to prioritise the improvements suggested. Any better suggestions very welcome..

  2. Tidying out B.03 (reminder)

    There is a significant amount of junk in B.03, some of which was simply carried across from our previous buildings. Little of it has any marking as to why it should be kept. Will people please mark up with labels (Alastair can provide) indicating why something should be kept and who is asking for it to be kept. On 1st March, anything with no label will be considered fair game for disposal.

  3. Tardis

    Alastair and George met with representatives from Tardis on 3rd February. Meeting notes are in RT#75678.

  4. DTI building

    You'll have seen that work has "started" on the DTI site. Bob Fisher has put up a couple of cameras, and we're grabbing images as we did for the Forum build. They're here.

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