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(Inf logo) Operational Meeting Infrastructure Unit Report -- 8th March 2017

  1. Appleton Tower

    The various bits and pieces of network kit for the new super improved Appleton Tower are starting to arrive, and we're starting to set them up. As we did for FH and Wilkie, we've patched through a couple of fibre links from the AT core to the Forum server room. We'll put satellite switches on those, and then connect to them for the setup process.

    Priority will be given to the switches for ATL5, so that the techs can get on and install them to make that floor live (RT#81207).

  2. DHCP summaries and warnings

    DHCP nightly summaries are now sent to cos. Please look at them and fix any which are caused by your machines!

  3. /netmask subnets

    At the last Operational meeting it was suggested that it might be useful to have a /netmask version of the subnets.h live header as well as the current /NN version. This has now been done.

  4. addrwatch

    We've noticed that some ARP ACD (RFC5227) packets have been causing odd effects in the addrwatch search tools, so they're now being logged but otherwise ignored. We'll try to work out where these oddities are coming from as a separate piece of work.

  5. SL7 upgrades

    Unfortunately it looks as though we'll have to totally repartition the network servers when we upgrade them to SL7. We'll move the persistent data on the home partitions off and back on again for the upgrade. However, we won't automatically preserve COs' local home directories unless we are asked otherwise. (Reminder: all COs, CSOs and techs have local home directories on all of the network servers.)

    We're not far off done with the rest of our SL7 upgrades btw.

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