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(Inf logo) Operational Meeting Infrastructure Unit Report -- 8th November 2017

  1. Forum server room UPS

    Having had its batteries replaced on Friday 6th October (apparently), our monitoring card in the "right" UPS lost its connection to the UPS. It was reported to E&B, but hasn't been fixed yet. They have been nagged yet again.

  2. IPv6

    The latest round in the attempt to have BIRD not zap IPv6 device routes is for the component to generate and apply a filter to OSPF route-import based on the IPv6 addresses of each machine. Time will tell...

  3. Brown Effect on knussen

    Some time around October 24th, or maybe 25th, knussen experienced a "Crazy Console AKA Brown Effect" event. We first spotted this on the 27th, as a result of a couple of root-emails. The first said:

       [WARNING] openldap: slapd won't die, trying kill -KILL
       [FAIL] openldap: slapd refuses to die
    . The second said:
       Failed to execute operation: Connection timed out
       Failed to restart snortd.service: Connection timed out
       See system logs and 'systemctl status snortd.service' for details.

    Pressing <return> on the console resulted in the usual effect, whereby some pending text would be printed. (That text was mostly from snortd complaining about dubious things being sent repeatedly from a remote site to a local web-server. That remote host has now been blacklisted, and snort output really shouldn't have been going to the console anyway, but that's somewhat beside the point.) Remote login was possible, and "ps ax" showed loads of cron and ssh daemons stuck in zombie waits, amongst others, presumably implying that the ultimate reaper systemd wasn't.

    The console would probably have caught up eventually, but given all the other problems it was obvious that a reboot would be necessary anyway. Unfortunately nsu wasn't working, presumably due to LDAP problems, and the console wasn't available, so this had to be done by bouncing the power. After a couple of reboots for kernel upgrades and initramfs rebuilds the machine did appear to come up cleanly.

  4. SL7 upgrades

    Our remaining three SL6 machines act as "autofs" LDAP servers to avoid replication issues for any remaining SL6 machines. We don't intend doing anything with these, other than turn them off when they're no longer required for that purpose. The autofs maps will be moved to our "service" SL7 LDAP servers.

  5. Basement keys
  6. Getting large and/or heavy stuff moved around the University

    If you have items which need to be moved from place to place around the University, and they are too large and/or heavy for Internal Mail, then the Servitorial staff run a van service which can do the job. The procedure is as follows:

    The service can run from 'desk to desk', if that's what you need. That is, none of us need personally to wrangle with large or heavy items: let the professionals handle that.

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