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(Inf logo) Operational Meeting Infrastructure Unit Report -- 24th January 2018

  1. Forum server room UPS

    E&B arranged for someone to come in to look at the faulty Forum UPS last Thursday morning. Unfortunately he couldn't fix the problem then, though did reckon he knew what it was. It has been recommended that the work is done on a Saturday (i.e. out of hours), as turning off the faulty UPS to fix it might result in the other one dropping out.

    We discussed it at CEG on Monday 22nd, and reckoned that Saturday 3rd might be a possibility. We will have to shed some load first, as we're now a bit tight to be running on just one UPS, and we might also want to shut down some services to avoid fscks and volume salvages.

  2. %noslaac

    Following on from last time, we have added a %noslaac keyword to the makeDNSv6 tool, as used by dns/inf6. The effect of this is that if you say "%noslaac fred" then for the current subnet the host "fred" will have a reverse SLAAC-style entry generated but not a forward one. If you specify both %slaac and %noslaac then %noslaac wins. For multi-homed hosts, you'll have to specify %noslaac in each %subnet block that you want it to apply to.

  3. Slightly under-strength in January

    A reminder that the Infrastructure Unit will remain slightly under-strength on a few days in January while George does some work on the EdLAN procurement project. Meeting dates have been circulated to CEG and inf-unit; and there may be other short-notice work involved.

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