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The Dice Project

Operational Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 25th April 2018 in WB-G.12

Toby Blake, Lindsey Brown, Neil Brown, Tim Colles, Chris Cooke, Alison Downie (convener and minutes), Ian Durkacz, Graham Dutton, Mohammed Javaid, Stephen Quinney, Gordon Reid, George Ross, Alastair Scobie
  1. Minutes of the last meeting

    These were approved.

  2. Actions and blog articles

    Actions discussed:

    Actions added or revived:

    Actions completed:

    Blog articles suggested:

  3. Report from Computing Executive Group

    1. CCPAG verbal update
      • GitLab service to be introduced (should we continue with ours?)
      • DataVault - soft launch
      • Data Safe Haven
      • Cloud service to be expanded for research but there is a student one as well. Should appear in computing.help.
      • EDDIE upgrade/expansion
      • Windows 10
        • will do fresh installs rather than in situ (we have always taken this approach)
        • there will be no local data
        • there will be no roaming profiles by default
        • Thunderbird will not be in the Application Catalog
        • we need to start our Windows 10 project
      • GDPR - SSE register of services to be expanded to include GDPR info .HSS are using SharePoint.
    2. ITI - Ian and Alastair attended a recent information planning meeting. KB/AT currently have single path for cooling/power. Would like dual path. Ian will write a report on what is happening in AT (likely to be jan 2019).
    3. EdLAN - currently in procurement stage. Award should be made in October. After that, Schools will be involved with the design phase, with possible deployment in early 2019. This might result in ip renaming across the whole University. Ian asked about management - it is expected that there will be devolved management with capabilities being part of the design phase. It is likely that certain aspects will be managed by IS and some by Schools.
  4. Reports from Units

  5. Topics for discussion

    1. Forum power-down, Sat 14th Apr - debrief
      • General feeling was that things went well.
      • It was a good idea to keep the console server up
      • Only slightly annoying thing from US point of view was the lack of attention paid to the emails sent to SMSR users.
  6. AOCB

  7. Next meeting

    The next meeting will be on Wednesday 9th May in IF-4.31, at 10:00.

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