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Operational Meeting Services Unit Report - 13th June 2018

  1. Cloud printing

    Given the recent problems with cloud printing, the grand switch over date has been postponed. We have asked for reassurances that IS understand what the problem was, and that it has now been resolved. We've also asked that our printers are more evenly distributed amongst the supporting servers, so that one failed IS machine doesn't take out all cloud printing/scanning/copying at a single site, like it did in the Forum.

    Just before IS solved the original authentication problem, we had worked out how to remove the need to authenticate to a cloud printer. This is now documentented at on the wiki, it doesn't mean users can release jobs sent to the cloud, but scanning and copying would be available.

  2. Mailman spam subscriptions

    A couple of the LFCS mailing lists started attracting a lot of subscription spam to them. At first mailman's own filter was updated to deny the few gmail +random addresses. But it didn't take long for requests from new gmail accounts to come in.

    There is a patch on the web to add reCaptcha to the subscribe web page, but in these days of GDPR and having looked at the terms and conditions and privacy stuff for reCaptcha, I decided not to go down that route.

    For now I've simply denied access from outside of EdLAN, but have a vague plan to add a very simple local captcha type thing to the subscribe form.

  3. Kit from KB

    We've removed 4 servers, 3 SAN boxes plus 3JBODs from the racks at KB. Most is now in IF-B.03, but one server, SAN and JBOD is now in the Forum server room. We also removed the old kit that we'd earmarked for removal out of the Forum server room, and it is in IF-B.03 too.

Unit meets and activities are linked from the ServicesUnitActivity wiki page.

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