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28th November

  1. Reminder: proposed George Square electrical work

    E&B are proposing overnight electrical works on the George Square HV ring, and are canvassing for dates which should be avoided, Exam dates are supposed to be already protected. There's no indication as to roughly when they're thinking about.

  2. Replacement Forum and AT core switches

    atc1, core1, core2 and core3 have been done. core0 was originally scheduled for this afternoon, but has been postponed (probably to Tuesday 4th December) to avoid potential exam disruption.

    DHCP-specified routing was moved to core1 on Monday morning first thing, to allow time for existing leases to expire. We'll just leave that in place until the upgrade actually happens. RDISC-based routing will be moved to core1 at lunch time one the day, as this only takes a few seconds for clients to adjust; likewise for IPv6 RAs. The spanning-tree will also be rebalanced at that time ahead of replacing what is the usual root bridge. See the blog article.

    Finally will be atc0 at a date to be arranged, but almost certainly now in the new year.

    As previously mentioned we intend adjusting our OSPFv2 costs in line with our OSPFv3 costs, so that internal IPv4 traffic always prefers to hop through two core switches rather than one edge router. With the replacement of core0 we'll take the first step in this process.

    We are, of course, making sure that our instructions and processes are up to date and accurate, fixing anything we spot as we go along.

  3. hazlewood crazy console

    We had an instance of the "Crazy Console AKA Brown Effect" on hazlewood on Saturday, which came to our attention as a result of errors from cron jobs. Holding down RETURN on the console for a long time on Monday eventually unbunged it, though we rebooted afterwards anyway to clear up some lingering oddities. Some observations:

    As we've remarked before, this all feels uncomfortably fragile.

  4. Account deletions

    As part of the ongoing "account tidying" project, we have deleted a further 2439 user accounts.

  5. Network server reboots

    We still have three of these to do. Each one takes so long that it's only really possible to do one a morning and still stay reasonably off-peak.

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