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Operational Meeting CEG Report - 25th February 2019

  1. Out of office messages

    Many of you already set up "out of office" messages when you are absent from work. This is good practice to inform your colleagues, particularly those of them who have no access to the CO holiday page, of your unavailability.

    CEG have agreed that all computing staff should adopt this practice for every planned (*) period of absence of 3 working days or more.

    (*) ideally also for unplanned absence, where practical.

  2. Cyber security lab

    Over this summer, the AT fifth floor south lab (AT-5.08) will be converted into a practical lab to support cyber security research and training.

  3. Overleaf subscription

    After a successful pilot, the University now has an Overleaf (online LaTeX) service. A recent poll of the School showed that this service is very popular. We will be looking at whether Coltex should be deprecated. We should reference this service in computing.help

  4. Qualtrics survey platform subscription

    The School has acquired a subscription to the Qualtrics Research survey platform.

  5. College Server Room strategy group

    A strategy group for the College Server Room has been formed, with Sean McGeever as convenor. The remit of the group is being discussed amongst CCPAG. This group will give a strategic steer to the existing College Server Room User group.

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