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Operational Meeting Services Unit Report - 27th February 2019

  1. Roger's replacement

    We're pleased to announce that Ross will be replacing Roger (should such a thing be possible) in the Services Unit. Ross will be joining the Unit at the beginning of May, by which time his own replacement will hopefully be imminent.

  2. MDP Windows 10 and CUPs print queues

    It's not really an issue while the cloud printing works, but it appears that new MDP Windows 10 machines have problems printing to our legacy/emergency CUPs queues to the printers.

    I've a self-managed Windows 10 laptop (upgraded from 8.0) that can print to the CUPs queues, so it seems to be something to do with the particular MDP config. The CUPs logs show the machine connecting, but it just fails for some reason.

    There's been a suggestion it may be to do with the untrusted HTTPS cert when visiting https://cups:631/, but we've not had time to test that theory.

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