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Operational Meeting CEG Report - 12th November 2019

  1. Change freeze

    ISG will shortly announce a change freeze to be in effect during the forthcoming strike action, should that action go ahead. Subject to final approval by Head of School - as it's likely that there will be a substantial reduction in the number of COs at work during the strike period, there will be a similar 'change freeze' for Informatics Computing until the end of the strike action. This will take effect at 12 noon on Thursday 21st November.

    The last stable release before the end of the strike period will be on Wednesday 20th November.

    Obviously there may be some business critical changes required - these should be referred to CEG for approval. Any queries as to what is covered by the 'change freeze' should similarly be referred to CEG. Should all CEG members be on strike (or otherwise unavailable), the Director of Professional Services (Joy Candlish) should be consulted to determine the business criticality of any proposed change.

  2. CCPAG report

  3. Operational meetings

    With one honourable exception, reports for the operational meeting are routinely being produced too late. It has been agreed, at CEG, that reports must be in by the 10am on the preceding Tuesday. It was also agreed that whoever speaks for each unit's report should limit themselves to only highlighting important topics, and not reading through the report in its entirety. This should increase the amount of time available for discussion and allow the meeting to finish within the allotted hour.

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