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Operational Meeting Research and Teaching Unit Report - 25 Marcg, 2020

The latest unit minutes are available on the DICE Wiki

  1. Bitcoin clients in the labs
    Around midnight on saturday I saw an rt ticket complaining about someone running jobs on lots of PCs in the labs. I logged in expecting to have to email a student to be more considerate but after a bit of investigation it looked a bit more serious so I called Alastair (sorry) and after some more investigation it looked like a compromised account and we secured it. Subsequently it seems to have been a student who has been given a formal warning.
  2. onsite status
    Without prejudice to what (if anything) is considered essential on-site work, I've made a small modification to RT to add a new status, named 'onsite', available now.
    This should help us keep track of tickets which are active but awaiting someone (anyone!) authorising / turning up to perform the work. The hope is that we can keep track of jobs and rationalise attendance or at the very least keep track of what can't be done.
    See mail to COs for more details. Comments welcome.
  3. exam prep setup
    Some of our WFH prep involved setting this up last week. If there are any issues, feed them back to RAT. Documentation is unfortunately scant by design.

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