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Operational Meeting Services Unit Report - 18th November 2020

  1. EdPrint

    The switch to EdPrint seems to have gone OK. With only one oddity being reported with the behaviour of the Forum level 1 A3 colour printer when printing A4.

    We have a wiki page: DICE/ServicesEdPrint, (linked from our unit wiki page), which contains some useful links and nuggets as we come across them.

  2. New tape library switch over

    The new tape library came in to operation last week. There have been a couple of hiccups regarding the LCFG'ification of the config, but that is sorted now.

  3. apacheconf-ssl.h removed TLS v 1 and TLS v 1.1 support

    The ssllabs.com certificate tester has downgraded our A rated certs to B, because we were still supporting the old TLS v 1 and 1.1 protocols. Major browsers have, or are about to, stop supporting these less secure protocols,

    We have updated our dice/options/apacheconf-ssl.h header to also stop support for these protocols

    	!apacheconf.ssl_protocol         mSET(All -SSLv2 -SSLv3 -TLSv1 -TLSv1.1)
    Only old phones/tablets not receiving updates are likely to be affected.
  4. Jabber inf.ed.ac.uk LE certificate

    The jabber certificate for inf.ed.ac.uk was due to cease functioning at the end of the year. Previously it was unsuitable for switching to Let's Encrypt, but as it is now possible to use that, it has been switched to a LE certificate.

    One side-effect of this is that the jabber server daemon will restart more frequently, as the LE certificate is renewed every 2 to 3 months. This causes jabber history for rooms to be lost for new connections, your client may keep the existing history if you don't restart your client after a server restart.

    Another side-effect is nagios use of jnotify, which doesn't seem to cope with jabber going away and coming back again. When we knowingly restart the jabber server, we also restart the jnotify component on the two nagios servers. We currently don't have a good fix for this. The simplest solution for now, would be a cron that just restarts jnotify daily.

  5. SL7.8 progress

    We are down to 2 machines left to do.

    Breaking news just in, all our servers have now been upgraded to SL7.8

Unit meets and activities are linked from the ServicesUnitActivity wiki page.

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