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Operational Meeting User Support Unit Report - 25th November 2020

  1. office365 moves

    Physics had scheduled a significant number of migrations last week so we only had 5 accounts to move. This week we will migrate 99 on Tuesday and 33 on Thursday. The last date for migration this year is 15th December but we now have a date in January (7th) to enable us to hopefully complete all out migrations.

  2. Office desktop Ubuntu upgrades

    Of the 237 to be upgraded, 12 have been upgraded. So far there has been limited response to our emails. Alison will be sending out a general email asking users to please respond to us. For the moment we are focussing on machines with no data on scratch and simple profiles. A few had been scheduled for the beginning of this week but had to be postponed due to the network problems.

  3. SL7.8 server upgrades

    We have 1 VM remaining which we may no longer need.

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