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The Dice Project

General Organisational Information

Machine Rooms


Flexitime and Home Working

Reporting sickness absences

Absence procedure. Please also fill in the holidays page .

Best Practice for using RT

Archiving of Taught Student Home Directories

Privacy Policy and implementation FAQ for computing staff

Platform support policy : a policy on developing and supporting DICE services for platforms other than DICE desktops.

Compromised machine investigation

Cookies, how we use them, and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 ("PECR"; as amended)

Job Descriptions

The job descriptions currently being used for computing staff in the School.

Tailored Competencies

The competencies descriptions tailored to specific Informatics job descriptions. This is work-in-progress and more tailored descriptions will be added over time.

Personal Development Plan (Protection Policy) Documents

Personal Development Plan (Protection Policy) template (as given in Annex 3 of PROTECTION POLICY Additional advice on producing the Personal Development Plan (PDP)):

Personal Development Plan projects


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