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Development Project 101: OpenVPN -- Final report

This document is the "final report" for Development Project 101, which was concerned with bringing into service the OpenVPN endpoints which had been running as a test not-a-service for quite a while before the project itself officially started.

The project itself went off pretty smoothly, and no real difficulties were encoutered. There are only a couple of things worth noting:

  1. The elapsed time for the project was so long as a result of the Appleton Tower refurbishment dragging out. It had always been intended to put one endpoint in AT and the other in the Forum, and the project was essentally just ticking over for much of the time until this could be done.
  2. Some time was spent fighting over apparent bugs (or at least misfeatures) in NetworkManager and Windows XP. The former doesn't seem to import routes correctly, while the latter seemed to have certificate-chaining bugs which mean that kerberos+kx509 authentication didn't work as desired. The former will be revisited later; the latter is now working with the current (May 2010) XP patches, and instructions added to the "how to use the Informatics OpenVPN Service" page.

The actual work expended on the project amounted to no more than a few days, spread over several years (the initial version of lcfg-openvpn dates from 2003), to:


The devproj 101 page has all the usual tracking things.

The project's index page is here.

A document evaluating password options was the product of the second milestone.

The "how to use the Informatics OpenVPN Service" page has setting-up instructions and links to the necessary configuration files.

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