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The Dice Project

435: NUT and lcfg-nut-makeover

Original project specification

"The previous nut project did do the port to SL7 but didn't do the general makeover and revision of paths, directories, locations, etc. that had originally been listed. This is a follow-on project to do those remaining parts. There is a lot of history in our nut deployment, and many of the decisions date back to Solaris days. As a result, we can't use any pre-built packages, and are likely violating directory layout and use standards. The component could therefore do with a complete makeover, tidying up such things. The outcome should be something which is able to use a standard distribution-provided version of nut.

"Note: this project does not cover that other part of the original which was to do with the SMSR. That'll be another project."


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  1. 'computing.projects' entry
  2. Network UPS Tools (NUT) homepage

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