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450: Docker on DICE

Original project specification

"We have had an increasing number of requests by users to have Docker made available on DICE. In particular some software is now bundled as a single Docker blob and it is not easy to support these custom build environments on DICE without Docker. There are potential security issues with running Docker natively on DICE which need to be evaluated. An alternative option may be to run Docker under a KVM guest. Having Docker available on DICE would make it easier to have contained environments with specific software (or versions of software) that we cannot easily deploy natively on DICE. Finding a way to deploy Docker soon would help stem the drift of users going self-managed.

"For reference see RT tickets: 83207, 81624, 82144, 86151, 86051. See also RT tickets: 82143, 81642, 74954, 70836."


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  1. 'computing.projects' entry
  2. Docker homepage

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