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The Dice Project

Distributed Computing Requirements

Please use this form to submit your requirements for Distributed Computing. Everyones input will be collated and used for discussion at the forthcoming meeting.
If any questions don't make sense for the kind of work you do on the clusters please just ignore them and add any specific details in the box at the end.

Your DICE Username
Which clusters do you use? townhill
eddie (ECDF)
If Other which:
Do you use simply for batching jobs? No
Do you use for true multi-processor jobs (inter-process communication)? No
Do you need tight interconnect? No
Typical total length of a run? Less than 1 Hour
Less than 12 Hours
Less than 1 Day
Less than 3 Days
Less than 1 Week
Less than 1 Month
Typical length of each component job in a run? Less than 1 Hour
Less than 3 Hours
Less than 8 Hours
Less than 1 Day
Greater than 1 Day
Typical number of component jobs making up each run? 1
Less than 10
Less than 100
Less than 1000
Less than 10000
More than 10000
Would you like file space shared with the ECDF cluster? No
Type of file space currently used? Copied to local node disk
For your shareable data (via filesystem accces), which is more important? that it is shareable between Informatics and ECDF clusters
that it is shareable between Informatics clusters and your desktop
Describe how your data is accessed by your job? accessable by every node
partitioned by node
Describe the nature of disk access? proportion of data set loaded to node at start of job run and then processed locally
whole data set can be accessed by any node during any part of a job run
If Other please describe:
Typical amount of data processed per-run? Less than 10MB
Less than 100MB
Less than 1GB
Less than 10GB
Less than 100GB
Less than 1TB
Typical amount of data generated per-run? Less than 10MB
Less than 100MB
Less than 1GB
Less than 10GB
Less than 100GB
Less than 1TB
Do you need 64bit? No
Yes, I need it now!
Yes, but not urgently
Do you need large memory nodes? No
Up to 4GB per processor core
Up to 8GB per processor core
More than 8GB per processor core
Would you use monitoring tools (eg. Ganglia)? No
Have you used Condor? No
If not why not?
Please list any other specific requirements?


Clicking Submit will send your requirements. If you have multiple varying requirements please just send form multiple times.
Clicking Reset Form will clear the form so you can start again with a new submission.

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