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The Dice Project

Computing Documentation

Before writing a new document, please read the COs Guide to writing documents for users and other COs and CSOs.

Documentation for COs and CSOs

Links to all non-user documentation are contained in the Team Documentation page.

Links to all documentation produced by DICE teams for CO and CSO use should be placed in the docs.inc file maintained by each team. These files are then included in the Team Documentation page.

How to write a docs.inc file.

How To …

DICE HOWTO pages are DRAFT documents extracted from the cos mailing list. Teams should convert useful "howtos" into permanent form. If you notice a "howto" that is out of date, please let the documentation team know, or remove it

... restrict access (IP/Cosign) to pages on this site.

Documents for Users

DICE user documentation is located on the main Informatics pages.

Dice Development

Documents concerning DICE project design, development and history have been moved to their own page.

User Support

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