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iFriend for Visitors

The School of Informatics iFriend service provides a mechanism for users outside the school to apply for a guest account which will permit them to access certain services within the school. Some services will supply access to all registered iFriends, others will require specific authorisation to be granted by the owner of the service.

You may apply for an iFriend account as follows:

  1. Visit https://ifriend.inf.ed.ac.uk/.
  2. Take a moment to read our Computing Regulations, as linked from this page. You will be required to agree to these in order to obtain an iFriend account.
  3. Enter your full email address in the box provided. This email address will be your login ID, and must not be an address in the School of Informatics (that is, end in inf.ed.ac.uk)
  4. Click on the 'Request' button'. This will send an email to the address you provided, which contains a link to let you continue to the next step
  5. Click on the link in the email. If the email doesn't arrive, please check that it hasn't been filtered to your Junk or Spam folders before contacting us.
  6. Re-enter your email address, and pick a password. The password strength meter on the right hand side provides an indication of the quality of this password. Click the box to indicate that you have read, and agree to, our Computing Regulations. Click the 'Set Password' button
  7. You will now see a confirmation screen confirming the creation of your iFriend account.

Password change

You may change your password at any time by visiting https://ifriend.inf.ed.ac.uk/friend/passwd/

Password reset

You may reset your password by visiting https://ifriend.inf.ed.ac.uk/friend/account/

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