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The Dice Project

Initial conclusions on testing different dice client LDAP technologies

Firstly, we should make a couple of points:

Approaches considered

proxycache (and proxy no-cache)




We have a preference for pursuing the openldap proxycaching solution for the following reasons:

There is a danger that we will continue to see similar ldap problems to those we currently see on systems under load when using the proxy-caching solution, as it still requires maintenance of a bdb database. We will need to monitor this. One useful pre-emptive approach would be for the openldap component to ensure it starts with a new, empty database whenever 'start'ing. We should monitor the effects of running condor jobs on standard desktop machines.

Where Next?

The proposed way forward for this project would be for us to systematically expand the testing of the proxycaching solution, such that we can continue to monitor its reliability and gauge the implications and requirements for remote servers.
Toby Blake, November 2007

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