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PostgreSQL User Administration Service

Account Management

This is now covered by the pgluser and account management documentation.

Database Access: Kerberos & non-Kerberos

All users have a standard PostgreSQL 'role'. This allows both Kerberos and MD5 password access, depending on whether SSL is enabled or not.

User Requests

User wishes to create a new account

Check that the user does not already have an account!

# returns "1" or "0" to confirm presence or absence of account...
[pgxxxx]postgres$ psql -t -c "SELECT count(rolname) FROM pg_roles WHERE rolname = '<username>';"

If the user is entitled, please follow the account management documentation.

User wishes to change password

See the above procedure for the simplest way to reset a password.

This SQL allows a user to reset their own password whether or not the original password is known. Direct user to perform the following:

        > ALTER ROLE username WITH password 'new password here';

Regular Maintenance

End-of-session account cleanup

To be completed

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