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Managing The Compute Servers

The compute servers are charlotte and vulcan. They're there to host more CPU-intensive, memory-intensive or long-running computing tasks than can be handled on normal desktop machines or login servers. They're accessed using ssh.

Console Redirection is enabled.

Vulcan is for staff and research students; logins are authorised via an auth.users resource in lcfg/vulcan. Vulcan has the IP alias staff.compute.inf.ed.ac.uk and this should be used when referring to or logging in to the machine.

Charlotte is for taught students; lcfg/charlotte's auth.users opens access to all DICE users. The preferred alias for charlotte is student.compute.inf.ed.ac.uk.

The machines have login messages in /etc/motd. These are generated by file resources in the LCFG profiles. The actual message goes in the file.tmpl_motd resource. The resource needs a one-line value, but multi-line messages are possible: just put \n in the message wherever you want a newline to appear.

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