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The Dice Project

Initial List of User Support Unit Projects

  1. Inventory System

    For the last three and a half years essentially all Informatics purchases have be recorded on the orders and inventory system originally developed in the Department of Computer Science. This consists of a set of files, scripts to load the data in the files into a mysql database and web forms that call cgi scripts to act as a GUI interface for making queries.

    It is proposed to replace this system with a new system with improved capability for management reporting.

  2. Lightweight Accounts

    There are some (limited) situations where it might not be sensible, appropriate or necessary to create a full-blown computer account for a person in order for them to actively participate in some service that we provide (we are referring to situations in which read-access would not be sufficient). An example might be interaction with a bugzilla service for recording LCFG problems. For such situations it might be useful to have lightweight accounts. Any such scheme of accounts would need to be consistemt with existing University Computing Regulations and JANET acceptable use policy.

  3. Publishing and Discussion Media Survey Paper

    Make a survey of staff requirements for publishing/discussion media and the technologies available. Present the findings in a paper.

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