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Changes to RT (from 3.0.8 to 3.6.1)

There have been many changes behind the scenes between these versions which will help to speed things up but also the look is significantly different.

The Front Page

Whereas before we had the "20 highest priority tickets I own", it now show the "10 highest priority tickets I own" by default. However, the text bar is clickable and conveniently displays ALL unresolved tickets that you own. The "^" beside the text is a handy toggle switch which hides the appropriate section.

Rather than "10 highest priority tickets I requested", by default you get "10 newest unowned tickets". This shows tickets in all queues which gives a general 'management-type' overview of what's going on. However, as described later, you can remove this from your front page entirely if you want.

These searches are also configurable by clicking on edit to the left-hand side of the section, so you can alter which columns are displayed.

The Quick Search section is still there but has an edit feature which allows you to select the queues that are displayed.

There is now a "Reminders" tab which may prove very useful. If you click on any of your tickets, you can set a reminder (for yourself or someone else) which will then be displayed on their front page. For example, say a ticket you're working on depends on someone else installing some software. You can set the reminder for them to install the software by a given date. We'll need to put some thought into how this will work best or we might end up getting up each other's noses!

At the end of the blue bar under the line "RT at a glance" is another edit button. This lets you do a bit more customisation and this is where you can change the default number of tickets displayed. Once you've made some saved searches, this is where you can select them so that they will appear on your front page.

Looking at a ticket

Not a lot has changed here except the "^" toggle switches, the ability to set a reminder and the changes to Custom Fields. You can now set a Custom Field to allow you to select more than 1 value from a drop-down list. Custom Fields can alos be queue specific rather than all global. We need to think about what Custom Fields (if any) to create for specific queues. The plan is to have a set of global Custom Fields (as with 3.0.8) but for each Unit to decide on a list of Custom Fields that are specific to them.


The search facility is greatly improved. The Simple search is pretty self-explanatory. In addition to that, there is a Query Builder (click on Tickets). From this you can build sql queries by making your selection on the left-hand side of the screen and clicking on "add these terms to your search". You can also select which fields you would like to be displayed. Once you're happy with your select criteria, you click "Show Results" under the Page Title. Once you have displayed your selected tickets, you can even display pie chatrs or bar graphs or download the search results to a spreadsheet. These options can be found at the bottom right hand side of the select list. As with the currect setup, you can save any search and recall it at any time. You can also edit your Front Page so that the results from your favourite search are displayed there (e.g queue=support, status=new, owner=nobody).

One drawback to the search is that there is no longer a "Ticket attachment" field to select from in the Query Builder. However, if you do need to search for free text within a ticket, you can build most of query using tghe Query Builder and then click on "Advanced" and add the following to the search criteria:

AND Content like '%string%'

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