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EdLAN Database Machine Registration

Written by Tim Colles

Last modified on 2009/04/30 14:49:54 by joxley

  1. Goto the EdLAN-DB at https://www.edlan-db.ucs.ed.ac.uk/ and login.
  2. Click on an appropriate IP range link at the bottom of the page depending on which site the machine is being registered for, one of:
  3. Click on the Assign to Host link besides the IP entry of the machine to be registered.
  4. Enter values as follows:
  5. Click on the Add Record button to complete the registration. Within a few minutes the machine will be registered and will be listed in Active Directory as cn=INF-HOSTNAME,ou=INF,ou=Staff,ou=UoEM,dc=ed,dc=ac,dc=uk after which it will be able to be installed.

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